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October 21, 2012
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Pein's impatience led you two in a room upstairs rather than taking the time to go to a more private place like either of your homes. He grumbled at himself as he struggled to take of his shirt, baring his broad, muscular chest.

You mind began to dizzy from this fast pace. Pein looked at you with his Rinnegan which seemed to be filled with lust. He smirked as if he knew what you were thinking, being able to finally see his body.

"I do have a bit of a surprise though," he admitted.

"I want to do this, in a way, twice," another voice said from behind. You gasp and turn your head. You realize it was another body of Pein. He smiled down at you as you try to walk away, overwhelmed.

"I'm sorry, my _____," the Nagato Pein said. "But this is something I just have to get out of my system."

"B...but," you pant, feeling the hands of the other Pein wrap around from behind and grab your breasts. "What about...Konan?"

"She is nothing but a friend," Nagato said firmly. "Even if I tried with her, she'd be too willing. are different. I know I can get some sadistic pleasure out of you." He winked.

You yelp as the Pein behind you ripped off your shirt. Nagato began working at your pants. You tried to squirm, to let them know they are going too fast, but neither of them complied. In fact, Pein pressed you against him as Nagato pulled off your pants.

The two half-naked Peins crowded you so that your back was against one and your tummy was against another. Nagato leaned down for a kiss as the other nibbled your ear. The double touches made your skin burn.

Nagato slowly went down, kissing down your neck then to your collarbone. He continued to travel down as the other Pein dragged you down so he sat down on the edge of the bed and you were between his legs. He began nipping at your neck as Nagato continued to kiss his way down until you saw him slip past your bellybutton.

You gasp as his tongue pressed itself through to your center. You felt the other Pein's impatience press firmly against the small of your back. He reached down and undid his pants as Nagato, while burying his face between your thighs, did so as well. You see that he had reached under his boxers and began stroking himself as his tongue licked and pushed your center, slowly driving you insane.

Soon, the two were pantsless. Nagato stood up with a small smile and licked his lips. He looked at the other Pein and gave a single nod. The other Pein let go of you and let Nagato hold your hips and flip you over so you were on top of him on the bed. Nagato settled down comfortably on his back and raised an eyebrow at you with a smile.

"I like how you're not even fighting back," he purred. "Are you eager, ______?"

Not being able to find your own voice, you just nod. He smiles.

Nagato held your hips to center you on him and gave a single command once he found your spot:


You quietly obey and flinch as pain shot up between your legs. Nagato moved his hips so you were able to sit on top of him more comfortably and so you could get used to him a bit faster. You felt the other Pein's breath on your neck as he kissed you again, his hot tongue leaving a small trace of saliva on your shoulder.

Nagato put a hand on your back and pulled you down so you leaned forward. Confused, you relaxed your muscles a bit and leaned. This small movement caused Nagato to move inside you and you blush. He smirked again.

The other Pein took this opportunity and pushed himself too. You gasp, not expecting the double penetration. Nagato smiled again and without another word, he held your hips firmly and began moving his hips.

Pein and Nagato moved rhythmically so that each thrust was timed differently, making you moan at every thrust. You whimpered as the other Pein, your hips taken by other hands, grabbed your breasts for support. He played with the hard tips with his thumb and index finger as he began pounding into you.

Nagato did the same, moving his position a bit to thrust more powerfully. You tilt your head back to a moan as he hit your G-spot, which also made you clench up on accident. This caused Nagato to moan. You felt the vibration through his chest and the deep rumble of his voice made you blush.

The thrusting kept going rhythmically. As seconds went by, the two picked up the pace. The pain turned to pleasure as you moaned with Nagato. You could hear the other Pein groaning with deep pleasure in your ear behind you. Nagato looked as if he were in pure ecstasy.

Soon they were pounding into you. You began to pant hard as you got close to your peak. Nagato looked at you with slightly glazed eyes and smirked as he eyes your breasts as they thrusted into you. You realize that the movements were making them bounce and knew that Nagato also enjoyed the view of seeing the tips played with at the same time.

Nagato then began to slow down in his movements. When you think it was over, Nagato gives one more very powerful buck that makes you climax. You see him moan and shudder, his eyes fluttering close for a moment as he fills you with his seed. The other Pein groans in your ear, nibbling your ear one more time as he releases inside you as well.

The other Pein gets up and begins to get dressed as you slump down next to Nagato, still shuddering from what happened. A gentle, comforting kiss helped you relax. You look up and see him looking deeply into your eyes with kindness; something you didn't expect nor see before.

"I'm sorry if this shocked you, _____," he whispered huskily. "But I promise, next time, it'll just be us two, and it will be the most pleasurable experience in your life."
Jeez, I am in LOVE with this icon xD

Sorry if I went a little overboard over the whole smexytimez scene, the "other Pein" part wasn't supposed to be in there and it just kinda...happened LOL.

Part 1: [link]
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Wow that was even better than the Hidan one. DA WHY YOU NOT LET THIS PERSON WRITE?! I have read a few of you stories and have enjoyed them all. Keep up the good work! :) (Smile) 
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You are amazing :3
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